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  by Ron K about Outback Steakhouse Seared Ahi Tuna on March 28, 2010
LOVE IT - we get it atop a larger house salad. (about the comments below about getting sick on it) not likely... Maybe was something else. It's suppose to be raw inside! It's seared on the outside. It's sishimi style tuna (as in sushi) DOH! We've had it MANY time and never have gotten ill, or some sushi either.
(get the kid chicken strips or milk toast)

  by Ron K at Outbacks - all over U.S. about Outback Steakhouse Clam Chowder on March 28, 2010
Best clam chowder West of Maryland. Thick, hardy, loaded with clams and even a bite of spice that lingers in your mouth. My wife and I and (well everyone that's had it - LOVES IT).

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Outback Steakhouse - Clam Chowder