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+ by at Sugar Land about Outback Steakhouse Outback Style Prime Rib on February 16, 2010
I ordered form the Sugar Land outback Steakhouse prime rib. I ordered it medium for pick up toeat am my house. When I got home I opened my box and found a giant piece of raw meat! when I took it back, the manager claimed that it had been slow roasted and that it was cooked!!!!!!! this slab of UNCOOKED meat was bright red, even the edges were red, not pink in the middle or even red in the middle, it was completely red and dripping in blood. It wasn't even seasoned. it looked like meat you would get from the butcher. I kid you not, I cook all the time. I actually get my meat from a butcher, I slow roast meat all the time. He honestly expected me to believe this bleeding meat was cooked! then he offered to sear it for me. that was it.I will never eat at outback again. I was very offended that he considered me that stupid just to save face. in my mind, outback is just a cooperation of liars to me. I wonder how they would like to know that. I would suggest next time you order your food to go from outback steakhouse, check it before you leave. and if those managers ever get to hear about this, it was raw, don't assume your customers are stupid or don't cook just because they order out for valentines.