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  by Melissa T. at Knoxville, TN about Mimi's Cafe Albacore & Avocado on March 16, 2008
The Albacore & Avocado sandwich is delicious...and HUGE! My 13 year old son and I divided the sandwich and fries between us, and we were both satisfied with our portions. The flavor of the tuna with the flame roasted yellow bell pepper and avocado was rich and delicious. It is so tall that it's a challenge to wrap your lips around it, yet the price is comparable to much less satisfying sandwiches at other local restaurants. I would recommend requesting the sourdough bread lightly toasted, since it was a little crunchy for my taste. The sandwich alone weighs in at a hefty 993 calories without a side dish, so plan the day's menu accordingly if you're watching your figure. The manager also surprised us with 4 enormous, baked from scratch muffins (gratis) to enjoy at home since we were first time guests! Judging from the parade of dishes passing by our table to fellow diners, many other dishes are also served in generous portions. The economical desserts in particular boast heroic proportions; don't try to eat one alone! In short, if dining at Mimi's Cafe, buy new pants and don't expect to see Jared! :-)

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