Hot Dishes
Chili's Grilled Caribbean Salad
Chili's - Grilled Caribbean Salad
Marinated chicken, pico de gallo, pineapple, mandarin oranges, tortillas strips, pico de gallo. Served with honey-lime dressing
"this is my favorite dish here. i order it about half the time. i'm not so thrilled with sweet dressing..." - mary (more comments)
Chili's Cajun Ribeye
Chili's - Cajun Ribeye
Juicy 12 oz. Ribeye steak grilled with cajun spices and topped with roasted herb jus and cajun butter. Served with...
"that is my favorit dish in chili's. it spicy and has an amazing flavour " - Lotfi B at Tulsa, OK (more comments)
Zaxby's Chicken Cajun Club
Zaxby's Chicken - Cajun Club
includes a blackened chicken fillet, bacon, American cheese, green leaf lettuce and tomato on a Brioche bun with seasoned Crinkle...
"I can not live without it, I like it!" - Milida at NY (more comments)
Outback Steakhouse Seared Ahi Tuna
Outback Steakhouse - Seared Ahi Tuna
Sashimi style Yellow Fin tuna, spice rubbed and seared. Served with sides of soy dressing and wasabi vinaigrette
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O'Charley's California Chicken Salad
O'Charley's - California Chicken Salad
A medley of flavors in every bite! Grilled chicken, strawberries, mandarin oranges, candied pecans, dried cranberries and bleu cheese crumbles...
"This salad tasted so much better as I was threatening my wife." - Sambo J. at Terrance, FL (more comments)
Pei Wei Thai Dynamite
Pei Wei - Thai Dynamite
A tangy, yet sweet blend of soy, Sriracha chile sauce and fresh lime. Tossed with Thai basil and topped with...
"Sriracha chili sauce I enjoyed it and what can be brought to the flavor combination." - nobita (more comments)
Mimi's Cafe Albacore & Avocado
Mimi's Cafe - Albacore & Avocado
Tuna salad, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayo on sourdough toast
"My son threw up after eating it. It still tasted like avocados." - Jeremy M. at Travica, IL (more comments)
Zaxby's Chicken Spicy Fried Mushrooms
Zaxby's Chicken - Spicy Fried Mushrooms
batter-fried mushroom pieces
"They are delicious and very addictive" - JB at Concord, NC (more comments)
Marie Callender's Hearty Vegetable Soup
Marie Callender's - Hearty Vegetable Soup
All vegetable broth. bowl $5.99 cup $2.99
"I will bookmark this page and share it with a few of his friends, hoping that they could help. Thanks..." - nobita (more comments)
California Pizza Kitchen Singapore Shrimp Rolls
California Pizza Kitchen - Singapore Shrimp Rolls
Shrimp, baby broccoli, soy-glazed Shiitake mushrooms, Romaine, carrots, noodles, bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro wrapped in rice paper. Served...
"does anyone have the recipe for the sauce" - cindy (more comments)
California Pizza Kitchen Miso Salad
California Pizza Kitchen - Miso Salad
"yeah, the salad is a popular dish in my daily meals. I always balance between salad and other dishes." - crishtia at ohio, usua (more comments)