White Horses  

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Cheeseboard with Handmade Scottish Oatcakes
in San Clemente CA
Lobster & Monkfish (Nov/Dec)
in San Clemente CA
A Spanish Platter of Cheeses & Cured Meats
in San Clemente CA
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San Clemente, CA
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All Dishes
A Spanish Platter of Cheeses & Cured Meats
Caramelised Queen Scallop (May/June)
Lobster and Sweet Potato Tempura (Sept/Oct)
Mixed Green Salad with Fried Manchego Cheese
Roast Pear & Caramelised Walnut Salad
Spinach & Almond Fritters (Mar/Apr)
Wild Mushroom Salad (Sept/Oct)
Concept Menu
A Trio of Chops (May/June)
Coconut & Peanut Crusted Ling Cod (Sept/Oct)
Lobster & Monkfish (Nov/Dec)
Parisienne Steak au Poivre (Sept/Oct)
Seared Scallops and Kiwi (March/April)
Veal Picatta with a Pancetta Polenta Cake (Nov/Dec)
Vegetarian Thali Platter (May/June)
Grill Menu
10 oz New York Strip of Choice Angus Beef
8oz Fillet Mignon of Choice
Large Desserts
Cheeseboard with Handmade Scottish Oatcakes
Chocolate Fondue with Fruit and Marshmallows
Small Desserts Each Dessert Is Sample Size Mix And Match
Banana Bread & Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding (Sept/Oct)
Citrus Zest Crme Brule (March/April)
Dark Chocolate & Blueberry Crunch Cake (July/Aug)
Hot Rum, Apple and Apricot Strudel (May/June)
Lemon Mousse (Nov/Dec)
Pistachio Kulfi Ice Cream with Mango (July/Aug)
Thai Fried Pineapple served with Coconut (Nov/Dec)
Warm Chocolate & Pecan Pie (Sept/Oct)