Citizen Thai and The Monkey  

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Fried sweet corn patties (Vegetarian) crispy corn spice with curry paste with cucumber salad
in San Francisco CA
Galangal and coconut milk soup with chicken, lemongrass and kaffir lime
in San Francisco CA
Soft shell crab green papaya salad tossed in spicy lime juice*
in San Francisco CA
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San Francisco, CA
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Asparagus with garlic sauce
Basil eggplant sauted with chili garlic sauce*
Mixed vegetables with green or red curry
Pea shoot stir fried with garlic
Steamed bok choy with oyster sauce
Stir fried broccoli
Budda Delight
Green bean sauted with chili curry paste*
Lemongrass tofu sauted with onion in chili garlic sauce*
Spicy tofu with basil mixed vegetable in chili garlic sauce*
Tofu with peanut sauce and steamed spinach
Curries Meat
Beef simmered in kaffir Panang curry sauce*
Green curry or Red curry Chicken with vegetables, served with Thai somen noodles*
Grilled sirloin beef with green curry and sweet basil*
Masamun chicken with peanut and potato*
Pumpkin Curry with chicken.* (served in Pumpkin)
Roasted duck curry with pineapple.* (served in Pineapple)
Sonoma Duck breast with chu chee thick red curry sauce topped with crispy basil*
Yellow curry Chicken with potatoes and carrot, served with crispy noodle
Eat Simple Live Easily Very Thai Style
Chaing Mai Pork and tomatoes relish-
Embarking relish-
Young chili relish-
Fish And Seafood
Asparagus prawns with garlic and soy sauce
Cashew prawns wok fried with broccoli, dried chili in brown garlic sauce
Clay Pot Prawns with glass vermicelli, scallion
Crispy soft shell crab with garlic and pepper served with cucumber vinaigrette
Crushed sesame scallop with baby bok choy, potato in yellow curry sauce
Large River Shrimp with garlic and pepper
Long Life Salmon with Panang curry sauce*
Madame Sea Bass, sea bass filled, mixed vegetables in green curry sauce*
Spicy scallop, prawns and squids sauted in basil chili sauce*
Whole snapper with roasted chili cashew nut sauce
Mieng Kum
Basic Mieng Kum (Jatujak Mieng Kum)
Chicken Mieng Kum
Fruit Mieng Kum
Tofu Mieng Kum
Bangkok Pad Thai
Marinated duck breast
Noddle with peanut sauce
Poultry Meat
Grilled Chicken with Thai spice marinated served with papaya salad
Grilled Pork served with mango salad
Grilled sirloin beef served with pineapple salad
Wok fried chicken with chili and basil
Wok fried chicken with roasted cashew nut, dried chili and green onion*
Apple salad with prawns tossed with shredded mango, carrot in spicy lime juice
Crying tiger salad spicy lime tossed with grilled sirloin beef, crunchy cucumber, and mint*
Grilled scallop tossed with fresh lemongrass, grapefruit, and spicy lime dressing*
Larb gai chilled noddle salad minced chicken with fresh mint**
Larb gai salad minced chicken with crunchy rice and fresh mint*
Pink grapefruit salad with prawns tossed coconut and fresh mint*
Soft shell crab green papaya salad tossed in spicy lime juice*
Steamed prawns Eggplant salad with chili lime juice*
Steamed prawns Mango salad shredded coconut and red onion tossed in lime juice*
Side Of Rice
Brown rice
Egg fried rice
Jasmine rice
Sticky rice
Beef Satay with peanut sauce
Beef ball with sweet and sour sauce
Calamari with chili sauce
Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
Lamb Satay with peanut sauce
Sea scallop with peanut sauce
Stuffed mushrooms with peanut sauce
Tofu satay with peanut sauce
Duck coconut milksoup flavored with galagal and kaffir lime
Galangal and coconut milk soup with chicken, lemongrass and kaffir lime
Prawns and mushroom lemongrass soup with straw mushroom*
Spicy mixed seafood soup perfumed by fresh lemongrass and kaffir leaf (served in hot pot for 2)*
Tangy salmon soup with fresh ginger and tamarind (served in hot pot for 2).
Bag of gold minced chicken and prawns wrapped in rice paper sacks
Crispy imperial roll stuffed with ground pork, silver noodle, and vegetable.
Fresh garden noodle roll with chopped chicken, shrimp, peanut, ginger served with spicy lime sauce
Fresh soft spring rolls with shrimp, mint leaf, noodle.
Fried sweet corn patties (Vegetarian) crispy corn spice with curry paste with cucumber salad
Golden Triangle crispy Tofu served with sweet and sour ground peanut sauce
Grilled Large Dancing Prawns with spicy lime sauce
Paper tiger prawns wrapped in crispy rice paper.
Potato Samosa (Vegetarian) with cucumber salad
Thai fish cake with spices and red red curry to give them some heart*
Testing Platter
Chef's Selection of Thai Specialties (Starter and salad)