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Tiger Roll
California topped with unagi and salmon.
"very good,I had a gastric bypass, and find it very difficult to eat a healthy portion of any dish. The..." - Michelle Vaughn at Octopus (Japanese Restraunt Los Angeles
Boiled soy bean pods.
in Los Angeles CA and 1 other locations.
Grilled yellow tail collar, served with special house ponzu (slightly tart, lemony soy sauce)
in Los Angeles CA and 1 other locations.
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  by Michelle Vaughn at Octopus (Japanese Restraunt Los Angeles about Octopus Tiger Roll on May 06, 2010
very good,I had a gastric bypass, and find it very difficult to eat a healthy portion of any dish. The tiger roll is not only easy to eat for me,, it is absolutely delicious,,one roll at Octopus is about 7 or so pieces topped with fish eggs and salmon,,,I cant resist myself..

Los Angeles, CA
Manhattan Beach, CA
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