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Yu Ling Duck
Roast duck with crispy top with special soy sauce
"The best recipe ever and I use to order from there every week just because I love the yuling and..." - Mer P. at MacArthur blvd. Washington DC
Peking Duck (Half, 3 pancakes: whole, 6)
in Washington DC and 3 other locations.
Crispy Sesame Szechuan Beef
in Washington DC and 3 other locations.
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  by Mer P. at MacArthur blvd. Washington DC about Little China Cafe Yu Ling Duck on November 13, 2013
The best recipe ever and I use to order from there every week just because I love the yuling and Peking duck

4830 Macarthur Boulevard Northwest, Washington, DC 20001
4830 Macarthur Boulevard Northwest, Washington, DC 20016
Washington D.c., DC
Washington, DC
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Chicken with Cashews or Almonds
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
Chinese Hot Tea
Chinses Jasmine Hot Tea
Chocalate mouse or white mousse cake
Choice of Chicken or Beef
Choice of Chicken or Pork
Choice of Pork, Chicken or Beef
Choice of Shrimp or Vegetable
Combination Fried Rice
Combination Lo Mein
Combination Soft Noodle or Rice Noodle Soup
Crabmeat Asparagus Soup (for Two)
Crispy Diced Chicken Peking Style
Crispy Sesame Chicken
Crispy Sesame Szechuan Beef
Double Cooked Pork
Egg Roll Cantonese
Evian large
Evian regular
Fried Fantail Shrimp
Fried Rice
Fried Tofu
Fried Wonton
Happy Family
Hot and Sour Soup
Human Beef
Hunan Pork
Hunan Scallops
Hunan Seafood
Hunan Shrimp
Hunan Vegetabel
Hunan chicken
Iced Tea
Iced Tea or soft drinks
Imperial Scallops and Shrimp
Kung Pao Beef
Kung Pao Chicken
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Lemon Chicken
Little China Appetizers (for Two)
Little China Crab Wonton
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Lo Mein (Soft Noodles)
Lychee (Chinese cocktailfruit in light syrup)
Ma Po Tofu No Meat
Mandarin Roast Pork
Mandarin Shrimp
Meat Dumplings
Mistic, all flavor or Snapple Lemonade
Mixed Vegetable Soup (for Two)
Mongolian Beef
Mongolian Pork
Moo Goo Gai Pan
Moo Shi Pork
Moo Shi Chicken
Moo Shi Vegetable
Oolong Hot Tea
Pan-Friend Noodles
Peking Duck (Half, 3 pancakes: whole, 6)
Pepper Beef Cantonese Style
Pepper Scallops Cantonese Style
Pepper Shrimp Cantonese Style
Perrier large
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Singapore Rice Noodle
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Sliced B.B.Q. Pork
Soft Noodle Soup
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Spicy Tender Chinese Cabbage
Spring Roll Shanghai Style
Straw Mushrooms and Broccoli
Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Szechuan Beef
Szechuan Ming Shrimp
Szechuan chicken
Tong Ting Shrimp
Triple Delight
Vegetable Delight
Vegetable Dumplings
Vegetarian Egg Roll
Water Chestnust and Snow Peas
Yu Ling Duck
Yu Shion Beef
Yu Shion Chicken
Yu Shion Egg Plant
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