Thai Satay  

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Crispy Calamari
Calamari deep fried in a very delicate batter, served with homemade sweet and sour sauce.
in San Mateo CA
Broccoli Beef
Sliced beef and broccoli sauteed in our special mild sauce, fresh chopped garlic and carrots.
in San Mateo CA
Yellow Curry- Hot and Spicy (Vegetarian)
Fresh mixed vegetables and coconut milk in yellow curry.
in San Mateo CA
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San Mateo, CA
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8a. Combination Satay
Angels' Wings
Fish Cakes- Hot and Spicy
Fresh Vegetable Spring Roll
Fried Sweet Potatoes
Fried Tofu
Shrimp Rolls
Thai Egg Rolls
Baby Corn Beef
Broccoli Beef
Chili Paste Beef- Hot and Spicy
Sweet Basil Beef- Hot and Spicy
Hot Tea
Soft Drinks
Thai Ice Tea
Chef's Suggestions
Bar-B-Que Beef
Bar-B-Que Chicken
Bar-B-Que Pork
Bar-B-Que Salmon Steak
Catfish In Special Flavored Oyster Sauce
Eggplant Delight- Hot and Spicy
Panang Beef or Chicken
Seafood Delight- Hot and Spicy
Fried Banana With Honey
Fried Banana With Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Steam Rice with Mango (Seasonal)
Tapioca With Coconut Milk
La Carte
Baby Corn
Broccoli with Tofu
Eggplant Basil- Hot and Spicy
Mixed Vegetables
Mixed Vegetables Cashew Nut
Pad Thai - Vegetarian
Red or Green Curry- Hot and Spicy (Vegetarian)
Sweet & Sour Vegetables
Tofu Chili- Hot and Spicy
Tofu Pra-Ram
Yellow Curry- Hot and Spicy (Vegetarian)
La Carte Curry
Green Curry- Hot and Spicy
Massamun Nuer
Red Curry
Yellow Curry
Eggplant Pork
Garlic Pepper Pork
Ginger Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork
Baby Corn Chicken
Cashew Nut Chicken
Eggplant Chicken
Garlic Pepper Chicken
Ginger Chicken
Ginger Paste Chicken- Hot and Spicy
Sweet Basil Chicken- Hot and Spicy
Vegetable Chicken- Hot and Spicy
Rice Noodles
Fried Rice
Pad Thai
Rahd Na
Beef Salad- Hot and Spicy
Calamari Salad- Hot and Spicy
Clear Noodle Salad- Hot and Spicy
Larb Chicken or Beef- Hot and Spicy
Nam Sod- Hot and Spicy
Papaya Salad- Hot and Spicy
Prawn Salad- Hot and Spicy
Seafood Salad- Hot and Spicy
Chili Paste Calamari- Hot and Spicy
Chili Paste Scallops- Hot and Spicy
Chili Prawns and Calamari- Hot and Spicy
Choo Chee Prawns- Hot and Spicy
Crispy Calamari
Deep Fried Prawns
Eggplant Prawns
Fresh Chili Calamari- Hot and Spicy
Garlic Pepper Prawns- Hot and Spicy
Ginger Paste Prawns- Hot and Spicy
Ginger Scallops or Prawns
Hot Chili Paste Prawns- Hot and Spicy
Pad Ta-Lay
Pla Jien
Pla Rahd Prig- Hot and Spicy
Sweet & Sour Prawns
Sweet Basil Prawns
Side Orders
Cucumber Salad
Peanut Sauce
Steamed Rice
Steamed Vegetables
Kang Jerd
Poh Tak- Hot and Spicy
Tom Kha Gai
Tom Yum Gai- Hot and Spicy
Tom Yung Goong- Hot and Spicy
Soups Salads
Mixed Vegetable Salad
Mushroom Soup
Vegetable Soup
Combination Satay
Vegetables Cashew Nut
Deep Fried Vegetables
Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls