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Seekh Kabab
Ground beef kabab seasoned & grilled.
"because its tasty" - mansoor.f at pakistan
Gulab Jamun
Royal sweet dish
" pakistani gulab jamun" - sobia at home
Fish (Fillet of Sole)
Very lightly spiced, marinated and cooked on skewers in our clay Tandoori oven.
"amazing stuff!!" - anonymous
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Comments about Pakwan Pakistan Indian and the dishes it serves
  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Chawal on July 30, 2014

  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Nihari on December 19, 2010
i like very much

  by xx about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Bengan Bhartha Pakwan Style on December 07, 2010
pls tell us bengan bhartha

  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Kabab Roll on October 13, 2010
gulab jaman in urdu

  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Chicken Korma on July 20, 2010
chiken korma

  by mansoor.f at pakistan about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Seekh Kabab on February 22, 2010
because its tasty

  by sobia at home about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Gulab Jamun on November 04, 2009

pakistani gulab jamun

  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Kulfi on July 07, 2009

  by Thiru at SFO about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Mirch Salan on February 14, 2009
The yummiest one I ever had.

  by anonymous about Pakwan Pakistan Indian Fish (Fillet of Sole) on December 14, 2007
amazing stuff!!

Hayward, CA
San Francisco, CA
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