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Ahi Poki - Appetizer
Tuna sashimi with sesame oil & shichimi
"love to make it" - tats ogawa at honolulu, hawaii
Koroke - Appetizer
Japanese deep-fried potato cake served with katsu sauce
"Good realy good and v ery " - eugene
Spicy Scrunchy Hamachi
Spicy hamachi avocado & tempura flakes
in San Jose CA
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Comments about Kikusushi and the dishes it serves
  by tats ogawa at honolulu, hawaii about Kikusushi Ahi Poki - Appetizer on May 03, 2009
love to make it

  by eugene about Kikusushi Koroke - Appetizer on March 03, 2008
Good realy good and v

San Jose, CA
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Ahi Poki - Appetizer
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Koroke - Appetizer
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Tempura - Appetizer
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Hamachi Sashimi - A LA CARTE
Mirugai Sashimi - A LA CARTE
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Squid Sashimi - A LA CARTE
Tuna Sashimi - A LA CARTE
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Ika Tempura - A LA CARTE
Shrimp Tempura - A LA CARTE
Vegetable Tempura - A LA CARTE
Nabeyaki Udon - A LA CARTE
Plain Udon - A LA CARTE
Tempura Udon - A LA CARTE