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Soto Mie Urat and Daging (Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup)
Noodle soup with beef, tendon, tomatoes, and cabbage.
"when chun zax azsae brte iras a food delichus " - burhan at chain
Tumis Udang and Pete
Spicy shrimp sauteed with pete, onions, shrimp paste, tomatoes, and chili.
in Los Angeles CA
Rice cakes.
in Los Angeles CA
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when chun zax azsae brte iras a food delichus

Los Angeles, CA
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Empek Empek (Indonesian Fried Fish Cakes)
Krupuk Enyek Enyek (Spicy Bean Crackers)
Krupuk Kampung (Vegetable Crackers)
Krupuk Palembang (Fish Crackers)
Krupuk Udang (Shrimp Crackers)
Kuo Tie (Pot Stickers)
Lumpia (1 Indonesian Eggroll)
Martabak Telor (Indonesian Pancake)
Otak Otak (10 Indonesian Grilled Fish Cakes)
Pangsit Goreng (6 Fried Wontons)
Siu Mai Bandung ala Batavia (Indonesian Siu Mai)
Tempe Goreng (Fried Soy Bean Cakes)
Beef And Lamb
Babat Goreng Pedas (Spicy Beef Tripe)
Empal Gepuk
Gule Kambing (Lamb Stew)
Rawon (Beef Stew)
Spicy Corned Beef
Tong Seng (Lamb Stew Curry)
Hot Tea
Ice Coffee Batavia
Ice Tea
Kopi Tubruk
Soft Drinks
Indonesian Salad
Gado Gado
Tahu Campur
Tahu Teratai
Bakmi Ayam Batavia (Gajah Mada)
Bakmi Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Noodles)
Bakmi Goreng Special (Special Fried Noodles)
Bihum Bakso Kuah (Vermicelli Meatball Soup)
Bihun Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Vermicelli)
Bihun Goreng Special (Special Fried Vermicelli)
Kwe Tiuw Medan (Fried Rice Noodles)
Mie Kangkung (Hawaiian Watercrest Noodle Soup)
Soto Mie Babat (Beef Tripe Noodle Ala Batavia)
Soto Mie Urat and Daging (Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup)
Ayam Goreng Batavia (Fried Gem Hen A La Batavia0
Ayam Goreng Kering (Fried Chicken)
Ayam Goreng Mentega (Fried Chicken with Butter)
Ayam Kalasan
Ayam Kare (Chicken Curry)
Ayam Panggang (Barbecued Chicken)
Ayam Sauce Batavia (Chicken Sauce Batavia)
Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup A La Batavia)
Rice Dishes
Lontong Cap Go Me (Batavia Rice Cakes Combinations)
Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Rice)
Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin(Anchovie Fried Rice)
Nasi Goreng Kambing (Lamb Fried Rice)
Nasi Goreng Special (Special Fried Rice)
Nasi Gorenge Pete (Pete Fried Rice)
Nasi Gudeg
Nasi Rames (Batavia Combination Rice)
Sate Ayam (5 Chicken Sate)
Sate Kambing (5 Lamb Sate)
Sate Kulit (5 Chicken Skin Sate)
Sate Padang Tambah Lontong (5 Curry Beef Sate)
Sate Sapi (Beef Sate)
Cumi Cumi Goreng Mentega (Squid in Butter Sauce)
Ikan Belado (Belado Pompret)
Ikan Goreng Kering (Fried Pompret)
Ikan Tumis (Tumis Pompret)
Kodok Goreng Mentega (Frog legs in butter sauce)
Pecel Lele (Fried Catfish)
Tumis Udang and Pete
Udang Besar Goreng Mentega (Large Prawns in Butter Sauce)
Bakso Kuah
Pangsit Kuah
Sayur Asem (Indonesian Hot and Sour Soup)
Semur (Indonesian Beef Stew)
Sop Buntut (Ox Tail Soup)
Sop Kaki Sapi (Beef Leg Soup)
Soto Betawi (Indonesian Coconut Stew)
Tropcial Treats
Bubur Ketan Hitam (Indonesian Sweet Black Rice Dessert)
Ice Avocado
Ice Campur
Ice Cendol
Ice Cincao
Ice Dogger (Ice Tape)
Ice Durian
Ice Kacang Hijau
Ice Kelapa Muda
Ice Longan
Ice Rambutan
Ice Shanghai
Ice Teller
Vegetable Dishes
Cah Kangkung Ayam (Stir Fried Watercrest with Chicken)
Cah Kangkung Ikan Asin (Stir Fried Watercrest with Anchovies)
Chop Suey
Kangkung Hot Plates
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Toge Goreng (Indonesian Spaghetti)
Tumis Kangkung (Stir Fried Watercrest with Shrimp Paste)