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Geary St. Bella Pizza Pasta With Mushrooms Sauce
Choice of Linguini or Fettuccini Pasta Sauteed with Fresh Mushrooms, Garlic and White Sauce
in San Francisco CA
Boston Pizza (Canada) Pasta with Meat Sauce, Full Order
included garlic toast
Boston Pizza (Canada) Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Half Order
included garlic toast
"it is good" - emmy at IL
Maria's Italian Kitchen Meat Sauce Pasta
Meat sauce made with beef, pork, garlic tomatoes, and herbs
"The best meat sauce ever!!!" - Julie at Pasadena, CA
Wente Vineyards Orecchiette Pasta with Braised Duck, Spinach, Romesco Sauce and Bread Crumbs
in Livermore CA
Loon River Cafe cajun chicken and pasta with aseigo cream sauce
THE BEST I Wanted to lick the dish Sooooo baaad!!!
in Sterling Heights MI and 1 other locations.
The Front Room Sun-dried tomato, Pesto sauce Pasta
in San Francisco CA and 2 other locations.
Andiamo's Pizza & Pasta House Cheese & Tomato Sauce
Small 14,50 Medium Large
in Maple Ridge BC
The Pasta Market MD. Tortellini or Ravioli served with Alfredo sauce Family Take Out Special
Your choice of tortellini or ravioli served with alfredo sauce. Take-Out specials available for Delivery.
in Sunnyvale CA and 1 other locations.
Boston Pizza (Canada) Pasta with Alfredo Sauce, Half Order
included garlic toast
Mr. Goodcents Subs and Pastas Hot Pastas - Mostiaccioli with Tomato Pasta Red Sauce & Garlic Breadstick
in Lincoln NE and 5 other locations.
Pasta Polo Choose a pasta and a sauce.
Pasta: Fettuccini, Linguini, Spinach Linguini, Penne Rigate, Angel Hair, Whole Wheat Linguini Sauce: Tomato Basil, Tomato Meat, Creamy Alfredo, Basil...
in Coquitlam BC
Pasta Gondola and The Pizza Machine Bow Tie Pasta and Sauce
Your choice of sauce served with garlic bread twists.
in Danville CA
Insalata's Pasta with Cheese Sauce Alfredo or Meat Sauce
in San Anselmo CA
Fresh Choice Hot Pasta 'n Sauce
Our pasta of the day comes with your choice of homestyle sauces. Serves 8. Selection of sauces includes: Delicious Pomodoro,...
in San Luis Obispo CA and 12 other locations.
Capri Italian Restaurant Tomato Sauce & Pasta
Our homemade sauce with choice of pasta
in Los Angeles CA and 8 other locations.
Caffe Focaccia B1.Your Choice of Pasta and Sauce
Fettuccine, Pasta Del Giorno, Penne, Spaghettini. Marinara, Creamy Pesto, Creamy Tomato-Garlic, Meat Sauce.
in San Francisco CA and 1 other locations.
Allegro Pizza and Grill Pasta with Sauce
Choice of pasta with your choice of sauce
in Philadelphia PA
Capri Italian Restaurant Meat Sauce & Pasta
Our homemade meat sauce with your choice of pasta
in Clearwater Beach FL and 8 other locations.
Mama Mia's Meat Sauce-Pasta
Generous portion on your favoite pasta. Add meatballs or sausage links for extra.
in Wales WI and 11 other locations.
Pasta House Co. Linguini with Red Clam Sauce
prepared in a seasoned tomato sauce (Marinara) with tender sea clams
Mama Mia's Clam Sauce-Pasta
Tender baby clams and whole clams in a choice of white, red or bianca sauce.
in Geneseo NY and 11 other locations.
Pasta Gondola and The Pizza Machine Extra Sauce
Choice of any sauce.
in Danville CA
Tony & Alba's Pizza Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
White cream sauce topped with fresh herbs, Parmesan Reinga with a hint of garlic.
in San Jose CA and 1 other locations.
Tony & Alba's Pizza Pasta with Meat Sauce
in San Jose CA and 1 other locations.
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