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Pasta Polo Roasted Vegetable Chicken Lasagna
An array of roasted fresh vegetables and boneless chicken layered with fresh in house-made lasagna sheets and ricotta cheese in...
"Tastes totally shitty like what the fuck" - Bob at japan (more comments)
Strings Italian Cafe Award-Winning Lasagna Pastry-Dinner
Our savory lasagna with Italian cheeses and our hearty meat sauce, baked inside an onion garlic pastry shell. Served with...
"love this dish" - John at Redding, CA (more comments)
Romano's Macaroni Grill Lasagna Bolognese
in Tustin CA and 422 other locations.
Bertuccis Eggplant Lasagna
in Waltham MA and 4 other locations.
Pasta Pranzo Lasagna
Fresh spinach lasagna noodles layered with a mixture of ricotta & mozzarella cheese & italian parsley, topped with your choice...
in Los Angeles CA
Pasta Pomodoro Lasagna
Traditional meat lasagna with roasted mushrooms and fontina.
in Pleasant Hill CA and 28 other locations.
Il Moro Lasagna alla Bolognese
"Love to make it and share it with a friend" - Raquel at Il More
Il Fornaio Lasagna Ferrarese
"I can't describe it. It was just the best! It had all the flavors that blended so perfectly with the..." - at New York, New York
Strings Italian Cafe Vegetable Lasagna-Dinner
Layers of spinach pasta and Italian cheeses with seasonal vegetables served with zesty Marinara sauce.
in Las Vegas NV and 23 other locations.
Ace-Z Pizza Homemade Lasagna
with mozzarella cheese
in Philadelphia PA
The Stinking Rose Lasagna
Of wild mushrooms, roasted eggplant, garlic, peppers, onions, spinach, mozzarella, and tomato sauce.
in Los Angeles CA and 3 other locations.
Draeger's Deli Vegetarian Lasagna
A delicious, healthy meal made with spinach, onions, mushrooms, parsley and Draeger's garlic cream sauce. . Serves 2. Priced Per...
in Menlo Park CA and 2 other locations.
Broadway Deli Spinach Lasagna
Ricotta cheese and basil.
in Holdenville OK and 12 other locations.
Da Pasquale Lasagna Vegetariana
in Lincoln and 3 other locations.
Stasia's Restaurant Baked Lasagna Boat
With Tossed green salad
in Mission BC
Mulberry St. Pizza Lasagna Pizza
"The Meat, The Cheese, The Sauce!!!" - anonymous
Strings Italian Cafe Brownie Lasagna-Dinner
in Davis CA and 23 other locations.
The Original H&S GIOVANNIS Meatball and Sausage Lasagna
in Hoboken NJ
Mike's Cafe Homemade Lasagna-Dinner
Made with Italian sausage, ricotta and provolone cheese, and homemade bechamel sauce.
in Green Valley IL and 4 other locations.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Twice Baked Lasagna with Meatballs
Six layers of tender pasta stuffed with seasoned meatballs, three cheeses and Bolognese sauce, then baked in our brick oven...
"Best lasagna anywhere. Better than any restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy. Garfield would rate this lasagna numero uno it's that..." - Richard T at Hunt Valley, Md
Old Spaghetti Factory Baked Lasagna
Layers of noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef and pork, and four kinds of cheese.
"I never tried it...But its GOOD! (:" - Mariea at Ms. K's house LOL (more comments)
Pane Vino Restaurant Vegetarian Lasagna Rol E
Our "rolled" lasagna filled with spinach, mushrooms, and three cheeses in a tomato cream sauce
in Westport CT and 1 other locations.
Draeger's Deli Beef Lasagna
Draeger's traditional meat and lasagna, layered with grated romano and mozzarella cheese using fresh egg pasta sheets. Serves 2.
in Menlo Park CA and 2 other locations.
Louise's Trattoria Vegetable Lasagna
A medley of garden fresh vegetables, ricotta cheese, italian herbs, & whole milk mozzarella cheese layered between fresh pasta sheets...
in Pasadena CA and 12 other locations.
Sirocco Pasticcio Di Mare Seafood Lasagna
in Indian Wells CA and 1 other locations.
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