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Outback Steakhouse Tassie's Buffalo Strips
Thick, moist chicken strips with spicy Buffalo sauce, celery and Danish blue cheese dressing
"loved them suck they r off the menu!! they need to put them back asap..." - brittney at gaffney, south carolina (more comments)
Outback Steakhouse Tassies Buffalo Chicken
"This savory appetizer is the reason I go to Outback Steakhouse! I recently asked for the ingredients and will soon..." - Stephanie at Southern California (more comments)
DQ Grill and Chill Buffalo Chicken Strips, 6 strips
DQ Grill and Chill Buffalo Chicken Strips, 4 strips
La Paloma Buffalo Chicken Strips
Breaded, spicy chicken strips, lightly fried and served with ranch dressing for dipping
in Pocatello ID and 5 other locations.
Taxi's Hamburgers Buffalo Chicken Strips
in Palo Alto CA and 5 other locations.
Dennys Garden Deluxe Salad with Buffalo Chicken Strips
in Carroll IA and 122 other locations.
Wing Works Boneless Buffalo Strips
in Somerville MA and 1 other locations.
Denny's Appetizers Chicken Strips Buffalo
in Salem OR and 90 other locations.
Big Mike's Buffalo Strips
Regular $5.00 - large $7.50
in Gloversville NY and 4 other locations.
Denny's Appetizers Buffalo Chicken Strips
in Moon Twp PA and 90 other locations.
Hooters Buffalo Chicken Strips
Sliced chicken breast, breaded, fried and shaken in your favorite wing sauce or served plain with your choice of dips.
in Nashville TN and 135 other locations.
Friendly's Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Wrap
fried strips of chicken breast in spicy Buffalo sauce with bleu cheese dressing, shredded lettuce, celery, and Monterey Jack and...
"It has generous amount of chicken and right mixture of spice and bleu chesse. " - John H. at Madison, NJ
Ed's Buffalo Wings & Pizza Buffalo Wings
in Philadelphia PA and 2 other locations.
Wendy's Chicken Dipping Sauces - Wild Buffalo Ranch Sauce
may be served with chicken strips
in Kendallville IN and 681 other locations.
Chili's Grill & Bar Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad
crispy chicken breast in spicy wing sauce with bleu cheese crumbles, applewood smoked bacon, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, Ranch...
in Aventura FL and 618 other locations.
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Buffalo Chicken Wrap
"pure perfection!" - JR at Miami, Fl.
Chili's Grill & Bar NY Strip
Chili's Grill & Bar - NY Strip
12 oz. strip steak with our own special seasonings and topped with savory steak butter and roasted herb jus
"anyone got the recipe for this?" - anonymous (more comments)
Chili's Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad
Chili's - Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad
Crispy chicken breast tossed in a spicy wing sauce with bleu cheese crumbles, applewood smoked bacon, tortilla strips and pico...
"I LOVE this salad, probably because I am NOT a salad guy. This was a great dish to satisfy my..." - Mark at Littleton, CO. (more comments)
BJ's Buffalo Chicken Pizza
"The best pizza ever! I'm not from Chicago or Buffalo, so I'm not on expert on Buffalo Sauce or Deep..." - Jennie at Lon Beach, CA (more comments)
Sea Shanty Fish & Chip's 51) 3 pieces Chicken strips and Chips
in Maple Ridge BC
Pier Market Clam Strips fried to a golden brown
in San Francisco CA
Burger King Add Bacon Strips
in Cherry Hill NJ and 5520 other locations.
Wing Works Garlic & Parmesan Strips
in Somerville MA and 1 other locations.
Grand Lux Cafe Buffalo Chicken Rolls
"They are tantalizing" - Philamena at Chicago (more comments)
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