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ZAO Noodle Bar Dan Dan Noodles With Chicken
in Palo Alto CA and 3 other locations.
ZAO Noodle Bar Simple Chicken
Tender Chicken with fresh vegetables and Hong Kong Mein noodles.
"Simply delicious" - Suzy at Palo Alto
ZAO Noodle Bar Ginger-Garlic-Chili Chicken & Prawns
Sauteed chicken, prawns, vegetables, Shanghai noodles in our ginger-garlic-chili sauce.
"your cool" - georgia d at Canada
ZAO Noodle Bar Chicken Pho Vietnamese Chicken Soup
"very flavorful broth and the chiles clear out the sinuses" - Ellen Schulte at Bridgeport, Oregon
Nothing But Noodles Spicy Japanese Noodles with Chicken
thick Udon noodles spiked with a sugar-lime soy sauce, with chicken breast, fresh broccoli, carrots and mushrooms, topped with bean...
in Tulsa OK and 5 other locations.
Golden Corral Chicken Noodle Soup
in Leesburg FL and 250 other locations.
Hometown Buffet Chicken Noodle Soup
in Waterbury CT and 97 other locations.
Fortune Express Choice of Pork, Chicken, Shrimp or Vegetables
in Nashville TN and 13 other locations.
Peking Express Orange Chicken
A generous portion of Tender Chicken Breast marinated with a Touch of Orange
in Downey CA and 29 other locations.
Nothing But Noodles Santa Fe Pasta with Chicken
fettuccini pasta tossed with chicken breast, signature green chili cream sauce with sauteed onions, tomatoes and fresh grated Parmesan
in Scottsdale AZ and 5 other locations.
Nothing But Noodles Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken
thin rice noodles tossed in a classic Thai sauce with chicken breast, bean sprouts, scallions, crushed peanuts and a fried...
in Scottsdale AZ and 5 other locations.
Nothing But Noodles Buttery Noodles with Chicken
wavy egg noodles with chicken breast, dairy fresh melted butter and a touch of cream, garnished with fresh chopped parsley
in Scottsdale AZ and 5 other locations.
Nothing But Noodles Southwest Chipotle Pasta with Chicken
fettuccini pasta and chicken breast in a delicious roasted pepper cream sauce tossed with fresh red bell peppers and mild...
"Flovors work so well together.I eat it 2-3 times a week!" - Lindsay at Birmingham,AL
Gormet Express Chicken Shawarma Platter
Chicken with creamy garlic sauce, pita, tomato, pickles, and to side salads
"tasted very good seems healthy" - mariha at Boston (more comments)
Boston Pizza Express Ziti Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
in Boston MA and 1 other locations.
Mr. Gatti's Chicken Noodle Soup
8 oz.
in San Angelo TX and 1 other locations.
Sangam Sweets and Curry Express 13. Chili Chicken
in Mission BC
Panda Express Chicken with Potato
in Sacramento CA and 290 other locations.
Pei Wei Kid's Wei Lo Mein Chicken Bowl with Noodles - Entire bowl
Peking Express Kung Pao Chicken Guy Ding
Szechuan Diced Vegetables and Cashews with Chicken and a Touch of Spice
in Toronto ON and 29 other locations.
Nothing But Noodles Chicken Pomodoro
chicken and Roma tomatoes in a wine-garlic sauce with spinach and basil, served in a bowl of crisp lettuce with...
in Tulsa OK and 5 other locations.
Corner Bakery Cafe Mom's Chicken Noodle soup
in Philadelphia PA and 33 other locations.
in Emeryville CA and 3 other locations.
Osaka Japanese Restaurant Chicken Teriyaki
grilled chicken served with teriyaki sauce
in Great Neck NY and 37 other locations.
Earls (Canada) Thai Noodle Salad with curried coconut chicken
breast of grilled curried coconut chicken with crisp romaine and asian slaw, grape tomatoes and peanuts in a spicy Thai...
"This stands out as one of Earls best has not been on the menu now for several years but..." - Cathy at Calgary, AB (more comments)
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