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Blue Mango Blue Mango Fried Rice
Chicken fried rice topped with garlic pork.
in San Jose CA and 1 other locations.
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Mango Magic Low Fat Smoothie with Splenda
Mangos, pineapples & non-fat yogurt
in Fort Dodge IA and 28 other locations.
Mango Caribbean “Reggae Platter”
Jerked chicken over white rice or red beans & rice
"The jerked chicken is very flavorful with just a touch of spicy. This is basically a boneless version of the..." - ed
Mango Caribbean “Tobago Special”
Chicken pelau chicken cooked with red beans & rice in a base of coconut milk
"This takes the good flavors of the jerked chicken and adds red beans & rice and coconut milk. I think..." - ed
Tapioca Express Mango Icy
in Fremont CA and 13 other locations.
Red Corner Asia D6 Sticky Rice W/ Mango
"DELICIOUS! Best I've had outside of Thailand!" - James S. at Los Angeles, CA
Robeks Juice Smoothies - Mahalo Mango Smoothie
Papaya juice, mangos, pineapple sherbet, non-fat yogurt, ice
"Tastes great!" - Elizabeth at Houston, TX
Rumbi Island Grill Aloha Mango Chicken Salad with Dressing
"It's the best at Rumbi" - Rose at Rumbi
California Pizza Kitchen Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza
"wonderful favoring," - Debby at So Calif
Goldilocks Mango Cake Slice
Vanilla chiffon cake filled with diced fresh mangos and whipped cream.
in Vallejo CA and 1 other locations.
Mango Caribbean “Negril Beach”
Bread pudding with rum sauce and rum raisin ice cream
"This is a great bread pudding. The pudding itself is dense and quite good, but it's the sauce that really..." - ed
Pakwan Pakistan Indian Mango Lassi
A delicious drink made with Mango & yogurt.
in Hayward CA and 1 other locations.
Applebee's Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa
grilled tilapia topped with mango salsa and served over a bed of rice pilaf with steamed vegetables
"wah" - anonymous
We grill this subtle, firm, white fish and serve it with a mango pico de gallo, a wonderful brown...
"Coo. From the Uno's Nutrition Information Page: it looks like this has 120 calories, only 1 gram of fat,..." - rm at Newark, CA (more comments)
Mango Caribbean “Jamaican”
Jamaican chicken or beef patty (Baked turnovers filled with spiced chicken or beef)
"Tasty meat filling in a flaky crust. The meat is well seasoned. The patties are even better with a dash..." - ed
Mango Caribbean "Banana Tree"
Fried bananas in rum sauce with chocolate drizzle and coconut ice cream
"Similar to bananas foster except for the chocolate drizzle and coconut flavored ice cream. I barely even noticed the chocolate,..." - ed
Mélisse Blue Fin Tuna Tartare Cucumbers Mango Avocado Mousseline Yuzu Chili Sauce
in Santa Monica CA
Mango Caribbean “Trinidad Special”
Chicken or vegetable roti curry chicken, potatoes, carrots & celery wrapped in rotibread
"I had the chicken roti. The roti is thin and chewy. The curry chicken filling was flavorful without being over..." - ed
Pasta Moon Mango Panna Cotta
in Half Moon Bay CA and 2 other locations.
Salomi Indian And Banglidesh Mango Pickle
in Los Angeles CA
Palomino Spiced Prawn And Mango Salad
in Dallas TX and 9 other locations.
Port City Java Mango! Mango! Smoothie, Primo sized
mango blended with pineapple, banana and clover honey
in Baltimore MD
Marnee Thai Green Mango Salad
Marnee Thai - Green Mango Salad
Shredded mango with prawns, onions, cilantro in spicy lime dressing with toasted coconut and cashew nuts.
"A beautiful salad." - ron at Fremont, CA
Rumbi Island Grill Aloha Mango Chicken Salad
"Yummy in every healthy way!" - Hannah H. at Salt Lake City, Utah Downtown
Blue Mango Cream Cheese Wontons (Geaw Tod)
Creamy cream cheese is wrapped in a wonton shell and deep- fried to a crisp. Served with sweet & sour...
"Bvfdd" - rea at canad
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