The 25 best 'flan' anywhere

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El Torito Home-Style Flan
"It was not as good as Acapulco Restaurant, but was creamy and tasty. I would get it again! :-)" - Darlene W. at Poway, CA (more comments)
Tlapazola Grill Kahlua Coffee Flan
"not only is this on of the best restaurants in los angeles, but the dessert menu is nothing to pass..." - anonymous
Sonora Cafe FLAN de CREMA
Fresh berries and creme fraiche.
in Los Angeles CA
Café des Beaux-Arts Napolitan Flan
"The best in the world...." - anonymous
El Cholo Tray Of Flan
Tray serves 10 people!
in Los Angeles CA and 1 other locations.
Acapulco Flan
in Memphis TN and 11 other locations.
Goldilocks Leche Flan
Heavy custard in caramel syrup.
"i want to know your cake ricepe " - Andrew A. Broso at in my school computer shop
La Folie Roasted Venison Loin on a Red Cabbage Choucroute, Celery Root Flan and Chestnut Pure
in San Francisco CA and 2 other locations.
Marix Vanilla Bean Flan
Homemade creamy custard flan.
in Los Angeles CA
Ciudad Goat Milk Cajeta Flan
Goat milk cajeta flan with caramel sauce (24hr notice required)
in Dallas TX and 2 other locations.
Amanecer Flan
in San Carlos CA and 1 other locations.
Tio Carlos Restaurant & Bar Flan
in Irving TX and 1 other locations.
Vinga Vanilla Flan
Traditional Spanish cooked custard.
in San Francisco CA
Cafe Havana Flan (spanish Style Custard
in Minneapolis MN and 7 other locations.
Border Grill Flan
With homemade caramel sauce, select from vanilla or special flavor of the day
in Pasadena CA and 11 other locations.
Sotano Flan
in San Francisco CA
El Sotano Restaurant Flan
in San Francisco CA
Pancho Villa Taquiera Flan
in San Mateo CA and 1 other locations.
Las Brisas Coconut Flan
in Norcross GA and 22 other locations.
Capri Pizza Flan
in Johnstown PA and 33 other locations.
El Torito Grill Mexican Flan
in Irvine CA and 11 other locations.
Poquito Mas Flan
in Studio City CA and 5 other locations.
La Roca Flan
Mexican Custard
in Elgin IL and 3 other locations.
Gaucho Grill Flan con Dulce de Leche
Argentine caramel custard with dulce de leche and whipped cream.
in Studio City CA and 8 other locations.
El Cholo Flan
in Los Angeles CA and 1 other locations.
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