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Burger Continental Vegetarian Pizza Continental
in Pasadena CA and 1 other locations.
Dish Dash M'shakaleh Vegetarian
"My vegetarian friends always order this. I am not a vegatarian, but only eat limited meat. This was to die..." - Mary Ann at Milpitas, Ca (more comments)
Burger Continental Vegetarian Sahara Sandwich
in Pasadena CA and 1 other locations.
Dish Dash Sambusak Vegetarian
in Sunnyvale CA
Gandhi Restaurant vegetarian dish with meat
in Cambridge MA and 3 other locations.
Dish Dash Vegetarian Wrap
in Sunnyvale CA
Dish Dash Vegetarian Delight
in Sunnyvale CA
Gandhi Restaurant side order of vegetarian dish
(except thali)
in Astoria NY and 3 other locations.
Gandhi Restaurant vegetarian dish
(except thali)
in Cambridge MA and 3 other locations.
Dish Dash Mansaf ( a Nomadic dish )
in Sunnyvale CA
Burger Continental Continental Burger "House Specialty"
in Pasadena CA and 1 other locations.
The Spot - Vegetarian Cuisine Mushroom Walnut Loaf
Vegetarian meatloaf with mushrooms, walnuts, brown rice & cheese (with eggs) covered with our mushroom gravy. Served with veggie of...
"I order this dish every at THE SPOT in Hermosa Beach CALIF - TERRIFIC!" - Ron F. at HERMOSA BEACH CA 90254 USA
The Spot - Vegetarian Cuisine Vegetarian Salad
Lettuce, shredded carrots, broccoli, seasonal veggies, sprouts and sunflower seeds. Served with wheat bread or cornbread ($0.50 additional for cornbread)
in Los Angeles CA
Manhattan Bagel Company Naked Egg Cheese Dish
in Fairfax VA and 12 other locations.
Dish Dash Beriani Dajaj
"The variety of pleasing tastes and textures. Warming yet refreshing and the favorite of everyone I've taken to DishDash." - etta z at Sunnyvale, CA
The Spot - Vegetarian Cuisine Cheese Burger
in Los Angeles CA
Daily Sushi TEPPANYAKI VEGETABLES (Vegetarian)
in Toronto ON
Burger Continental Hot Dog
in Pasadena CA and 1 other locations.
Gypsy Den Vegetarian Chili
in Santa Ana CA and 3 other locations.
Uno's Chicago Grill Bianco Deep Dish Pizza, Regular Size
sauceless pizza with Italian spiced sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic and Romano cheeses
in Poughkeepsie NY
Burma Super Star Vegetarian Samusa Soup*
in San Francisco CA
Thai Dishes 64.1 Salmon Teriyaki
Grilled Salmon topped with Teriyaki Sauce
in Pasadena CA and 13 other locations.
Dish Dash Fatayer
in Sunnyvale CA
ZAO Noodle Bar Monk's Vegetarian Delight
Tofu, shiitake, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, green beans, yellow squash, sauteed with Shanghai Noodles.
in Emeryville CA and 3 other locations.
Chili's Bandito Vegetarian Burger
Grilled balck bean patty with guacamole, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, onions and jalapeno jack cheese on a whole wheat...
"This item hasn't been on the menu in many years, but I still order it often. It is so delicious,..." - Desire C. at Coralville, Iowa (more comments)
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