Mustard Seed Chicken Osaka

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8 comments on Mustard Seed's Chicken Osaka
  by Merda at noodle express/mustard seed on October 19, 2010
Amazing dish. Osaka sauce over the chicken rice and vegetables is too good.

  by Denise at Noodle Express Msla on January 05, 2010
I'm so addcited I have to allow myself this dish once a week - it's hard not to go more than that!!!

+ by amy at missoula on December 23, 2009
The tangy sauce is out of this world awesome!

  by Cindy at Spokane, WA on October 11, 2009
Amazing light mustardy-lemon flavor over halibut, chicken or shrimp

  by aj on July 07, 2009

  by ELS at Missoula MT on July 07, 2009
Amazing would pay for the recipe

  by Teri Tognazzini at Missoula MT on March 26, 2009
The whole family loves it.

  by Amy Mac at Missoula , montana on March 21, 2009
Best flavor around

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