Outback Steakhouse Slow-Roasted Sirloin Medley

Perfectly roasted slices of sirloin drizzled with fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil and lemon surrounded by grape tomatoes and asparagus, served atop sautéed spinach and a jumbo homemade Outback croûton.
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Outback Steakhouse - Slow-Roasted Sirloin Medley
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9 comments on Outback Steakhouse's Slow-Roasted Sirloin Medley
  by Pedro Gonzales at Havana on May 31, 2010
[comment deleted : censored]

  by Deana and Tammy at At Home on January 20, 2009
It was good I loved it. I loved the color of it. I loved the meat

  by food critic at asheville nc on October 21, 2008
i love this dish all the flovor is wonderful, wish it wast going to be discontinued shortly

  by Lee at Denver, CO on August 09, 2008
WHERE can I possibly find this recipe??? I had it the first time the other night and my taste buds were in heaven! Any ideas?

  by jakeg at nwa, AR on July 29, 2008
Delicious! meat was so tender. i had never thought of mixing those flavors before. crouton wasnt all that soggy but i dismantled the dish and seperated everything OCD style first thing!

  by Becky at Maumee, Ohio on June 29, 2008
I loved the veggies and the spinach and the herbs , thought it .would be great for my low carb diet

  by Trish at NY on June 09, 2008
Excellent dish... Agree with the crouton comment - I've ordered this dish several times and the crouton is always soggy. I'd prefer they just left it out instead of wasting it!

  by Mae Bell at Conway, Arkansas on April 15, 2008
I had this tonight and i was amazed... Thats all. This plate was very flavorful and the spinach and asparagus was perfect. The only thing i was unsure of was the crouton underneath it all. I would prefer that on the side or omitted altogether. I don't know about other people, but i'm not about some soggy croutons.

  by jbeard at Ct on April 13, 2008
Steak was chewy..I got a couple 1 inch pieces of asparagus..mostly spinach with steak

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