Hometown Buffet Bread Pudding

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10 comments on Hometown Buffet's Bread Pudding
  by doug h. at santa maria ca. on August 07, 2010
like old recipe with raisens

  by Susan at Hometown Buffet on December 30, 2009
I love this Bread pudding, it reminds me of the one my dad used to make when I was a little girl. Look up this site the recipe is posted:

+ by Maribel at San Diego, Ca on June 09, 2009
i love!!!!!!!! hometown buffet bread pudding!!! where's the recipe???? pmari1@cox.net

  by Veronica at LA california on May 07, 2009
This is my best thing to eat at HOMETOWN.....i want the recipe too.....Just got back from there and i asked for the recipe and of course they dont want to give it....ima have to hook up with one of the guys in the back to get it....LMAO

+ by Adrian at Los Angeles, CA on December 25, 2008
Where can i find this recipe?

+ by Eduardo the 1337 at Lake Forest on December 21, 2008
ITS SO AMAZING! Whenever I go, I get a plate full of bread pudding, one of the dinner plates, and I put vanilla icecream on top. It's so delicious. SOOOOO DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~

+ by anonymous on April 09, 2008
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  by Debbie at portland se. washington street/stark on March 15, 2008
My family and I eat there quite often, and we think their bread pudding is wonderful. The best. I have never eaten at any other hometown. It might depend on the cook.

  by anonymous on February 27, 2008
Everything at hometown buffet has the same taste to me. From their desserts (yes, even this one) to their dishes it all seems to have too much oil and too much salt.

  by jeff on October 23, 2007
It's delicious. I guess it's hard to make a bad bread pudding.

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