El Torito Grilled Fajitas Salad

Sizzling grilled chicken or steak fajitas, chilled greens, cojita cheese, queso fresca, fresh avocado, roasted pepitas, fresh pico de gallo and crispy tortilla strips tossed tableside with housemade serrano-grape vinaigrette.
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El Torito - Grilled Fajitas Salad
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15 comments on El Torito's Grilled Fajitas Salad
  by Loretta at El Toritio, Palmdale CA on May 30, 2012
Does anyone have the nutritional breakdown for this salad?

  by Burt P at Mexico, CA on August 03, 2011
If you sing amazing grace while eating this you'll realize both of these things are terrible. Also it made my wife puke, my son cried in pain as the blast hit his genitals.

  by Marian. at The Woodlands, TX on January 09, 2011
I have actually flown out from Texas to get my Grilled Fajita Salad here in California. The best I've ever had. It's true, its like eating popcorn, you will want to finish your plate for sure.

  by laura at santa monica, ca. on October 02, 2010
Tasted great foe a more healthy option than other menu items.

+ by AMF at Oxnard, CA on July 02, 2010
How many calories are in this dish?

  by CL at Cerritos, CA on June 07, 2010
Delicious dressing, goes well with the steak fajitas.

  by rosanna at rancho bernardo, CA on December 24, 2009
absolutely delicious salad. tried it with chicken and i could not get enough!

  by Ashley at Dana Point, CA on May 30, 2009
I got one with shrimp and it was the best salad I have ever had!!

  by Joanne G. at Torrance, CA on May 25, 2009
The sald is made with fresh ingredients. Great taste! Not the over stuffed feeling.

  by Joanne G. at Torrance, CA on May 25, 2009
Fresh ingredients, great taste. Not that over stuffed feeling.

  by dee lee at San Leandro, CA on April 06, 2009
low calorie, healthy, and very tasty! It's a nice option at a mexican place.

  by vicky at temecula, Ca on April 05, 2009
My new favorite salad EVER!!!

  by anonymous on March 21, 2009
Soooo Good! I was planning on just eating half... I failed

  by anonymous on July 25, 2008
I tried this last night, I'm hooked!

  by Alyssa at El Torito on April 17, 2008
Amazing!!! No other words can describe its original taste...hybrid of fajitas, and a salad, you get the best of both worlds!!

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