Outback Steakhouse Queensland Salad

Fresh chicken breast salad on a bed of chopped iceberg and romaine with Monterey Jack and Cheddar, bacon, diced egg, tomatoes and toasted almonds
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3 comments on Outback Steakhouse's Queensland Salad
  by Cindy N. at Deptford, NJ on July 03, 2010
The best salad hands down of any restaurant - I get it with bleu cheese dressing - theirs is the best - and it's so huge it's enough for 2 meals! A cup of the soup of the day and you're stuffed.

  by Amy at Oceanside, CA on January 26, 2009
I had this as my last meal before starting on Nutrisystem. I loved it. This is the best salad. cold and delish. I had it w/ the spicy ranch which is deadly i just found out. It has a cup of mayo in it!!! a WHOLE CUP of mayo. I did not knwo this till it was too late. Who puts a cup of mayo in anything these days. Next time i highly recomment the honey mustard as an alternative or anythning healthy. But like I said it was my last meal -0 Pappadeaux is not found in CA so i had to substitute this w/ my 2nd fav restaurant

  by Julie at TX on December 21, 2008
Love the way the chicken is prepared, the almonds, and the honey mustard dressing.

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