Romano's Macaroni Grill Mushroom Ravioli

Ravioli generously filled with tender mushrooms and melted cheese, then covered with our famous Carmela's marsala wine cream sauce.
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18 comments on Romano's Macaroni Grill's Mushroom Ravioli
  by des at Montclair Ca on October 26, 2010
I had the new version this weekend and it was awesome but the portions were pretty small

+ by Ali Linn at Denver, CO on July 17, 2010
They changed the recipe on this one a few weeks ago. Now, it's a much smaller dish and no longer has cream sauce - instead, it's a parmesan butter sauce. I asked the waitress about it, and she said that the old dish was WAY better and let me order it the old way. So, ask when you order it. She actually came out with an employee book and showed me a picture of the new dish, and it looked gross.

  by Liliana Junio at Temecula CA on July 05, 2010
Delicious, the best!

  by Nina C. at Pensacola, FL on January 05, 2010
Yummy, creamy, shroomy goodness!

  by anonymous on December 07, 2009

  by jeanette at cary, nc on October 18, 2009
It was fabulous

  by Chef at Greenville, SC on August 24, 2009
Delicious marsala cream sauce with sweet caramelized onions

  by Suzanne S. at Minnetonka, MN. on August 17, 2009
Suburb unique sauce rich in fresh portabello flavor

  by S. Adams at Petersburg TN on August 15, 2009
It is great! The best italian dish I have ever eaten!

  by Donna P. at Harrisburg, PA on July 20, 2009
FABOOSKI! The best meal I've ever had!!!

  by Diane W. at Kansas City, MO on May 16, 2009
What a wonderful dish! Everyone @ my table tasted it and it was the fav of the night.

  by denise t at ft worth, tx on February 12, 2009
these are fabulous!! i could eat this dish twice a week!! even my husband loved them.

  by anonymous at St Peters, MO on May 15, 2008
The ultimate comfort food, makes you feel all happy and squishy inside!

+ by anonymous user 11121314 at USA burlington on May 02, 2008
I so need this recipe it is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  by anonymous user 101112 at Burlington USA on May 02, 2008
greatest dish ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I get it every single time I go there

  by anonymous on January 31, 2008
I don't even like mushrooms that much and when I tried this it was exellent! I get it everytime I go to macaroni grill.

  by anonymous on December 18, 2007

  by anonymous on November 22, 2007
Fabulous! I will go back again and again to have this dish!!!!

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