Quiznos Chicken Carbonara

Chicken, bacon, mozzarella, mushrooms, Creamy Bacon Alfredo Sauce
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Quiznos - Chicken Carbonara
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6 comments on Quiznos's Chicken Carbonara
  by jenna at fairbanks, ak on August 26, 2011

  by jenna at fairbanks, ak on August 26, 2011

  by Brian at Green Bay on September 13, 2010
Get zesty grill sauce on this sandwich (with the bacon alfredo sauce, and you will be amazed at how a sandwich this delicious can get even better.

  by Jayme at Ventura, CA on November 28, 2009
Perfection, creamy bacon alfredo sauce, melted cheese enveloping juicy chicken. What more could you ask for?

  by Audrey at Manhattan, KS on January 21, 2009
It couldn't get any better

  by ed at San Jose, CA on March 24, 2008
This is a really tasty sandwich: bacon and creamy bacon Alfredo sauce. How can you go wrong? I'm not a big fan of the mushrooms, so I leave those off and add some lettuce to ease my guilt a bit. This is one of those sandwiches where you can almost feel your arteries clogging.

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